Budget 2019 – Increased Spending on Education

Press Statement by Hildegarde Naughton TD

Galway West and South Mayo

9th October 2018

Increased Spending on Education Welcome – Naughton

As part of today’s budget, the Minister for education has secured significant additional funding for schools. In total, the Department of Education and Skills will receive €674 million in additional funding in 2019.

The main measures relating to schools are:

· Over 1,300 additional posts in schools, including 950 SNA posts and 372 teaching posts catering for demographics and additional special classes.
· 5% increase in schools capitation from September 2019, with an increase of €10 million in school funding over the 2019/20 school year (€4 million in 2019). Enhanced funding for the schools excellence fund to bring it to over €2.5 million per annum.
· Support for school leadership with additional release days for teaching principals in primary schools and administrative deputy principal posts for special schools. An additional 10 psychologists for the National Educational Psychological Service.
· €4.75 million to commence the implementation of the Comprehensive SNA review.

Commenting, Deputy Hildegarde Naughton, Galway West – South Mayo said;

“I am delighted that education has received substantial additional funding in this year’s budget. As a former teacher, I am only too aware of the needs of teachers and pupils across Galway.

“I have been particularly conscious in recent years of the need to increase the capitation grant to schools. Capitation grants are intended to be spent on the day-to-day running costs of the school, for example, heating, cleaning, lighting, maintenance of school premises and grounds and the provision of teaching materials and resources. Schools receive this grant at a given amount per pupil enrolled. It has become apparent over time that this grant was no longer able to cover the proper running of schools and I am very happy that the Minister has taken on board my concerns and raised the level of capitation by 5%.

“The addition of 950 special needs assistants is particularly welcome. I know only too well the benefits these posts have in the educational attainment of children. Fine Gael is committed to providing parity in every child’s learning experience and we will continue to invest in these areas in the years to come.


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