Families and Childcare Investment

Families & Chilcare


• We are investing in Childcare in order to make it more affordable for working families
• 25% increase in 2017 Back to School Allowance benefitting 194,000 children
• Universal subsidies for every child 6 months – 36 months in Tusla Registered childcare, saving up to €1,040 annually
• Targeted subsidies up to €145 per week for children 6 months – 15 years from low-income families who need it most, and whose parents want to get back to work or education
• Two weeks’ Paid Paternity Leave and the second free pre-school year were introduced. The latter saves parents, on average, €4,000 per child
• The Home Carer’s Tax Credit has been increased by €100 to €1,100
• Following the achievement of Free GP Care for under 6’s we are continuing to support healthcare for families
• All children in receipt of a Domiciliary Care Allowance now get automatic access to a Medical Card, benefiting 9,800 children
• Parents of a child between 6 and 36 months in full-time formal childcare will now receive support to the value of €960 per year
• This year will see Home Help hours increase by 170,000 and 1,300 more people in receipt of a Home Care Package
• Fine Gael has cut the monthly cap on prescription charges for over 70s to €20 from €25, from March 2017
• From March 2017 the State Pension has increased by €5 per week
• Medical Screening for bowel cancer, diabetic eye diseases and newborn deafness is free for the first time
• The Breast Check service is now extended to 65-69 year olds
• The Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan 2020 is a critical intervention to give children the best start in life which aims to provide a framework to enhance and support the health and well-being of children across the city and county up to the age of 3 years
• Visit: AffordableChildcare.ie

Examples of the Impact of these Subsidies


• A working family in receipt of Family Income Supplement and with a Medical Card, who currently benefit from a full-time Community Childcare Scheme (CCS) childcare subside of €95 per week, will benefit from an increase in childcare subside of up to €2,000 per child, per annum (up to €7,540 per child for families who have not benefitted before)
• A family in receipt of One Parent Family Payment, with a Medical Card, working part-time, who currently benefit from a part-time CCS childcare subside of €47.50 per week, will benefit from an annual increase of up to €1,690 per child (Worth up to €4,160 per child for single parents who have not benefitted in the past)
• A working family with a Medical Card, who currently benefit from a full-time CCS childcare subside of €50 per week, will benefit from an annual saving of up to €1,040 on childcare costs (worth up to €3,640 per child per annum for families who have not benefitted before)
• A family in which both parents earn the average wage, with a child in childcare full-time, currently receiving no childcare subside will benefit from a subside of €1,040 childcare subsidy over the course of a year
• A working family with a parental GP Visit Card is eligible to a full-time CCS childcare subside of €50 per week. While this amount will not change we anticipate a significant increase in the number of childcare providers taking part in the scheme, allowing many families to access this CCS subsidy for the first time

Additional Childcare Places for School-age Children

• Government funding of €4 million is being provided to improve childcare services for children of school going age and make life easier for parents and families
• This investment is additional to the universal and targeted supports being introduced by Government
• This funding announced will help create over 5,000 extra childcare places in 225 school age childcare services nationwide

Childcare Capital Funding Doubled

Affordable Childcare for Galway Families with €486,000 for 50 Childcare Providers Click here for more information.

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