Register to Vote

How Do I Register To Vote ?

In order to Vote your name must be entered on the Register of Electors, which is compiled by your Local Authority.

You are not automatically registered when you turn 18.

Everyone must complete a form.


Registering to Vote is Easy !

  • From 1 November , ask to see the Register of Electors at your local post ffice, Garda station, library or city or county council offices – to see if your name is on the Register.
  • You can check if you are registered on by keying in your Province and then your County/City Council.
  • All residents of the Republic of Ireland, regardless of nationality or citizenship you must be at least 18 years of age on 15 February, the day the Register comes into force. You must also have been ordinarily resident in the State on 1 September in the year before the Register comes into force.
  • Registration forms available online on the following link Registration Forms or from your local post office, library, garda station and local county council offices.
  • February each year Register comes into force
  • The Live Register is available for inspection at County Council Offices, Libraries, Post Offices and Garda Stations. This Live Register is then used at every election and/or Referendum held in the following 12 months.
  • Still possible to register on the Supplementary Register: until 14 working days before polling day – (decided each election year by Government)
  • Supplementary Registration form (RFA2) is used – this needs to be witnessed by a Garda.
  • The Closing Date for receipt of Applications for the Supplement to the Register of Electors is 14 working days before the Election and is published in local and National Newspapers in the run up to any Election and/or Referendum.
  • Supplementary Change of Address (RFA3) is used – A person who is on the Live Register in one County but who is now resident in another County may apply to be entered in the
  • Supplement to the Register of Electors in the County where he/she is now resident. Also, a person who has moved within the County between Local Electoral Areas may apply to be entered in the
  • Supplement to the Register of Electors for the Local Electoral Area in which they are now resident. This RFA 3 form also needs to be witnessed at Garda Station.
  • The form can be posted free of charge to your local County Council Office

RFA2 Form

Day before Polling Day – The Supplementary Register is published.

In order to Vote – you must be on the Register!


Registering to Vote – through your the local authority

For any queries relating to registration  contact the relevant  County  Council

When complete post the form to the relevant County Council

Galway County Council, Áras an Chontae, County Hall, Prospect Hill, Galway.  Phone: +353 (0)91  509 000

Galway City Council, City Hall, College Road, Galway.  Phone: +353 (0)91  536400

Mayo County Council,  Áras an Chontae, The Mall, Castlebar, Mayo.  Phone: +353 (0)94  90 24444


Registration Forms

If you are not registered and wish to be included in the Register of Electors complete – Not Registered Form RFA

If you are on the draft Register of Electors but your details are incorrect complete – Change of Details Form RFA1

If you are on the Register of Electors but have moved address complete – Change of Address Form RFA3

If you have missed the deadline to include your name on the Register complete – Supplementary Registration Form RFA2

  • Complete the Form RFA2
  • This form must be stamped and signed by a Garda. Remember to bring photo identification with you.

In order to be registered the RFA2 Form must arrive in your City or County Council for the area in which you live 14 working days before the election date

Form RFA5

Application for inclusion in the supplement to the Register of Electors by a person already registered who becomes an Irish citizen.

Click here to download form RFA5.


Other Forms

Application for Inclusion in the Supplement to the Special Voters List  – SVS1

Application Form For Entry in the Special Voters List (by electors unable to vote at their polling station due to physical illness or physical disability) – PVS1

Application Form for Entry in The Postal Voters List (by electors unable to vote at their polling station due to circumstances of occupation etc (including certain students) – PVS2

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