Senior Citizens Fair Deal Scheme

Nursing Home Support Scheme / Fair Deal Scheme



• The HSE Nursing Home Support Scheme, also known as the “Fair Deal”, provides financial support to senior citizens who need long-term nursing home care.
• Under this scheme, you make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State pays the balance. The scheme covers approved private nursing homes, voluntary nursing homes and public nursing homes.
• Anyone ordinarily resident in the State and whom is assessed as requiring long-term nursing home care can apply. Further information and a list of approved nursing homes can be found at:

Housing Aid for Older People Scheme


Up to 95% grant in owner-occupied homes, for persons/senior citizens aged 66 or over, to cover the costs of up to €8,000 in necessary improvements – rewiring, roof repair, central heating (where none). The annual income of all household members must be under €30,000 for the full grant, dropping on a graduated basis to 30% for incomes €50,000 – €60,000, but no grant after that.

Mobility Aids


Up to 100% grant to cover the costs of up to €6,000 in works to address mobility problems.

Housing Adaptation (Disability)



Up to 95% grant to cover the costs of up to €30,000 in works to adapt a home to suit the needs of a person with an enduring disability.

Warmer Homes Scheme



Insulation Scheme for homeowners available to on Fuel Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance for over 6 months with children under 7, or on FIS, through Energy Action (01 454 5464) and Warmer Homes Scheme (1800 250 204).

Better Energy Home Scheme



Provides grants to homeowners for homes built before 2006: insulation of attic, cavity wall, internal/external wall, heating control with boiler upgrade. Grants will typically cover 20% – 30% of the full cost. Energy savings of up to 50% can be achieved (1850 927 000).

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